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The first Estrogen pill

On April 4 I started Estrogen.

That means that I’m in my 4th week now of HRT including the female hormone. My doctor started me out on a very low dose, along with continuing the testosterone blocker medication I’ve been taking for the last couple years. It’s such a tiny pill, and yet popping that pill represented a really big step forward for me.

Deciding to Transition

Does someone decide to transition?

Many trans people that I’ve talked to or read about have said that it was never really a “decision” for them; that it was either transition or die (kill themselves, or die emotionally at a minimum and lose the will to live).

I can certainly identify with the deep despair, and even sense of being disconnected from this life as a result of feeling a gender incongruence. But I can’t necessarily say that I’ve been within inches of ending my life. Why is that? read more