Reflecting on Coming Out (One Year Later)

This last weekend marked a year since I came out publicly on this blog. I’d intended to do a lot more writing, but it seems life got in the way a bit; in a mostly good way. Still, I wanted to take a few minutes this weekend and put together a video as I reflected on the last year.

7 thoughts on “Reflecting on Coming Out (One Year Later)”

  1. Deeanne

    Thank you for your update; you are always so open and real; I love that about you. I’m looking forward to your visit and Disneyland soon– another “first” right?

  2. Judy

    Maddie, I just have to say that you are one EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN!!!! I love you and respect you and have and will always be here for you! I am bummed that i didn’t get to see you but we will see each other soon!!! God willing!!!! Lots of LOVE!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sheila

    It feels so good to see you where you are in life at this time. You are a great example of how we all should be when life gives us challenges that need to be “set right” in order to live in peace within ourselves. There were so many times throughout your childhood, youth and adulthood that I would be filled with joy because of your accomplishments. Today, I see that it was the most difficult challenge of your unvoiced struggle that made you the strong person you are today. The bravery of your choice to put a face to the misconceptions of the transgendered population brings out the most heartfelt love a parent could ever experience. Thank you for living your life (one that I feared for you so much) with such honesty. As we spend time together as a family, my respect for you and Samantha is always strengthened because you raise me up to a new standard of human compassion and understanding. While your future will bring you days of joy and pain, you will have the same loving support from your family, friends and always from me. Your Mom

  4. philosochick

    I love the video. It was really touching. Thanks for posting. I definitely share the experience that while many of my friendships have changed, most have changed for the better: re-affirmation is the right way to describe it. But more than just re-affirming, they’ve been transformed and deepened. So many acquaintances are now good friends,and good friends are great friends. 🙂

  5. Meg

    Hey Maddie, congratulations on one year of being out and returning to your true self! Thanks for posting this and expressing so many beautiful sentiments. I hope this next year goes well for you and I know that you will approach the challenges ahead with thoughtfulness and grace. Good luck with everything, and I hope we get to reconnect whenever I get back to west coast! Lots of love and best wishes to you and Samantha.

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